Friday, June 18, 2010

{two weeks!!}

I've been fighting getting sick all week-- and it's become a losing battle, but I had no idea I'd done so little in such a long time!

I did, however, find time to make Father's Day cards-- better late than never-- and I'll hopefully get those posted soon!

If you're looking for something to do though for dad, which is always such a struggle for me... I took my idea from the always-wonderful Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{skirt No. 2}

I sat down on Memorial Day, and I finally made it.

I've been planning to and dreaming about recreating this L.L. Bean Signature Collection skirt since I saw it in their summer catalog a few weeks ago.

In between the family visit, burgers and homemade ice cream, I slowly pieced together and hemmed the fabric. And in a second wind around 10 p.m., I put in the zipper and pieced together the tie belt from the pieces left.

I used a linen blend-- hence the wrinkles; I didn't bother ironing-- instead of chambray. I also nixed the belt loops and made the waist band and belt wider

I used the "Bias Skirt" pattern from One-Yard Wonders, which I could not love more, with same waistband technique that I used last time. However, to be fair, this project did take almost an entire yard and a quarter, as well as a zipper that the pattern did not include.

I wore the skirt to work and then to a party yesterday, and I loved it. It held up beautifully, and I felt proud to have made this!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


More than a week has been by since my last post! I knew I would be posting more infrequently this summer, but this is a little embarrassing. I hope you all will bear with me through the summer, until I can get back on a better schedule.

Until then, I leave you with these lovely creations from Churchtown Chapeau Co.. I'm wondering if I could make anything as beautiful as these waxed linen flowers, so delicate and bright!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{East Nashville Arts Fest}

I found out a little too late for entry to this, but I'm super excited for the East Nashville Arts Fest this weekend!!

This is the first fest, and I'm praying it continues as an annual event. I'm definitely hoping I can get my act together and sign up for next year. The entry fee is a little high, but it could be worth it. I'll have to see how this year's turn out is.

I've been more than busy with work, but hopefully I can keep crafting and keep posting! I wanted to share this, so that any readers in the Nashville area could go out and support the local crafting scene!

P.S.The amazing poster is from Yee-Haw Industries, hailing from my hometown, Knoxville, TN!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

{rosette pin tutorial--as promised!}

Buried in a drawer-- that's where I found the battery charger. In fact, the same, exact drawer in which I keep my camera!! Don't I feel just DUMB.

So finally, here is the tutorial-- a bit too late for Mother's Day, but perhaps it can go to good use another special occasion?

So, what you need for this project is:

  • a few rosettes in your-- or their-- favorite colors, you can use this tutorial
  • needle and thread
  • an extra strip of felt
  • a pin back
  • beads-- or buttons or anything else you like-- for the centers

1. Sew the rosettes to the extra piece of felt. To sew without the thread showing, just insert the threads in between the ruffles. It's also cute to let them show, especially if you use a contrasting color or one that matches your beads/buttons.

I like to overlap and curve mine, but they're also adorable to stack, and be sure to play around before you sew!

2. Cut the backing felt so that it doesn't show from the front. There's no need to finish the edges, but if you're especially hard on your jewelry, you might want to invest in a little fray check.

3. Use the same method used to attach the rosettes to add the beads (or just sew on the button).

4. Attach the pin back to the backing felt, and voila! Easy peasy. I went through each of the holes several times to make it super secure and then tied the ends behind the pin back. It's easy to miss the felt, so make sure you're getting the felt in your stitches each time. I would also suggest gluing down the thread tails to avoid them sticking out.

This is one easy project with beautiful end results. I spend about an hour total on each, so one TV program, and I'm done! I hope all of you will enjoy these as much as I have!